The Darien Condors Football team is a high school football team that represents Darien Street High School. They compete in the Patriot Division of PSSAA (Pennsylvania State School Athletics Association). Out of Darien's multiple programs, they are perhaps the most successful of them all.


Note: The roster is the varsity team, players listed in order of the depth chart.


QB: 3-Zay Escobar (So.) 2-Jarrett Jamison (Fr.) 7-David Henderson (Fr.)

HB: 22-Matthew Young (Sr.), 20-Jam Topley (Jr.)

FB: 44-Dominic Torres (So.)

WR: 8-Johnny Tora (So.), 12-Icey (So.), 13- Nasir Richardson (Jr.) Jamir Benson (Fr.), Sergio Hernandez (Fr.)

TE: 5-Jeoff Escobar (Sr.), DeShawn Cunningham (Fr.), Hal Covington (Fr.),

OL: 60- Kenny Tucker (Jr.), 74-Tom Compton (Jr.),64-Deion Howard (So.),55-Tyron Benson (So.), 58-Knile Taylor (Sr.)


LB: 44-Dominic Torres (So.), 47-Darren Shabazz (So.), 51-Bernie Ford (Jr.), 33-JR Carrington (So.), 59-Ryan Thomas (Sr.)

CB: 9-Deonte Kendricks (Sr.), 14-Abraham Willis (Sr.) 34-Carmelo Negron (So.), 26-Monty Johnson (Jr.), 16-Caron Williams (Jr.)

S: 17-Dwayne Watt (So.), 31-Cecil Sampson (So.), Julius Brown (So.)

Special Teams

K: 1-Patrick Kelly (Fr.)

P:Keanu White (Jr.)

KR: 20-Jam Topley (Jr.)

PR: 20-Jam Topley (Jr.)

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