Icey is a minor character in the Zay Escobar series. In spite of being the series' primary target of abuse, he still tends to reach accomplishments from time to time, such as becoming one of the starting wide receivers on the Darien Condors football team. Icey, like Zay, is also based off of Mr.Zaya; however, the development and actual characters themselves differentiate as Zay is more based off of Mr.Zaya than Icey is.



Icey was born in Camden, New Jersey along with his brother, Yoyo and moved to the Queen Village neighborhood of Philadephia at the age of 7. He grew up very introverted, keeping only to his younger brother, Yoyo, whom he felt was all he had beyond his own parents. His inability to get girls also encouraged him to become less and less socially active.


Icey is extremely anti-social and insecure. However, to help overcome this mentality he plays football but does not speak often to teammates. His confidence is stemmed from his sheer ability to play sports, and longs to make spectacular plays on the field. He is very distant on and off the field though, perhaps to a fault.

Other than Yoyo and (possibly) a few others, Icey shows little regard for others. The cause of his mentality is unknown. He seems meek to most strangers but is very volatile on the football field.


Icey is almost always seen with a body warmer and jeans plus a snow cap. He also has a hand-made replica of the iconic sword pack hat from ROBLOX, the swords being real. He does not use the swords often if at all, but they are his weapon of choice.

Relationships with others


Yoyo may be stronger and almost as big as Icey, but Yoyo still sees him as a role model. Icey has sworn himself to always have his younger brother's back even when he thinks he can hold his own simply because he sees him as a great family member.

Crispy McChicken

Crispy and Icey have history, but they only share a standard relationship. The two see each other as acquaintances.

Shelbye Harris

Icey is very hung up on Shelbye, and this is possibly due to the fact he is a sociopath. He seems to be in love with her, but Shelbye does not like him as much back, if at all. Shelbye is already Zay's girlfriend, and thus, Shelbye does not have any feelings for Icey. Icey does not realize this or respect it due to his conscience and lack thereof, so he remains more fixated on her than anyone else he's ever met, even Yoyo.

Zay Escobar

Zay and Icey get along to an extent. However, both of them love Shelbye. With that said, Escobar does not appreciate when Icey flirts with her and Icey resents the fact that Zay is her boyfriend to begin with. He otherwise has no issues with Zay.


  • He is the fourth oldest character currently in Zay Escobar: Jeoff being the oldest at 17 and Shelbye edging Icey, with only a 46-day difference between their dates of birth. The difference between his and Johnny's birthdays are even closer, as Johnny is just 4 days older than Icey.
  • His birthday, December 2nd, is an allusion to Packers QB Aaron Rodgers' birthday, December 2, 1983. His jersey number in football is 12, another allusion to Rodgers; however, Icey claims to wear this in honor of Tom Brady,as he is a Patriots fan.
  • His design was inspired by Mr.Zaya's roblox account, ford08105. Its appearance at the time is where Icey's outfit originated from.

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