Johnny Tora is a side protagonist of the comic series, Zay Escobar. He is a 15-year-old who lives In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, hailing from Compton, California. He is a student at Darien Street High School, where he plays wide receiver on the school's varsity football team, and plays small forward on the school's junior varsity basketball team.

Background Edit

Biography Edit

Born in Chicago, Illinois, living in Compton, California for a majority of his life, Johnny is currently a Philadelphia native, hailing from the South Philadelphia neighborhood. Growing up in such a basketball-passionate neighborhood, Johnny naturally has an affinity for basketball, his favorite team being the Los Angeles and currently plays for the previously mentioned basketball team, the Darien Condors. Born to Maurice Tora and Andria Tora, he has two siblings, an older brother, Braden Tora (deceased) and an older sister, Melissa Tora.

Johnny is best known for being a sports junkie amongst his friends, in love with statistics and history of basketball, football, and hockey, with a distinct dislike for baseball because of how long the games are. Notably, however, his favorite sport is basketball and is able to list Finals Champions from 1987-Current Day.

Characteristics Edit

Johnny is known for making stupid remarks, and is known for being very comedic, being somewhat of a class clown, but above all else, Johnny is also known for being extremely arrogant when it comes to his ability at playing basketball due TO his incredible ability to play basketball. 

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