Shabba Clay is one of Escogang's central members.He is one-third the central group, the others being Zay and Vic. He is one of the entire series' main characters (and one of its foundational cast), but he seems to be very static in comparison to the rest.


Shabba is an emerging player at Darien High School. A former football player, he has found his stride in basketball- he worked his way up to become the school's starting shooting guard. He always keeps it cool to a point where it has to be respected, no matter who you are. Shabba is more like Zay than Vic is, and as a result, Zay sees him as an easier person to relate to, granted all their similarities.



Shabba is very relaxed and reserved. Even though he isn't an extremely high-profile student, he is a household name at Darien High School, and always remains in a calm, happy disposition.


Shabba has a complexion similar to Shelbye's. He dons blue long-sleeve shirt, a low cut and a pair of sunglasses. His sunglasses are something he cannot go without, having cracked them before. Oddly enough he never took them off, and he paid the price during a game of football, when he broke the sunglasses.


Shabba is rather lanky and long-legged, but it has its benefits. With his body type, Shabba is very well capable of showing his potential as a basketball star and a player who can dominate the game. He is not immensely fast but he is still very well conditioned.

Relationships with Others

Zay Escobar

Zay and Shabba go very far back, and their friendship in ZE is insurmountable because of this. They've collaborated with each other on several occasions.

Vic Shiggy

Vic's relationship, like the rest of the main 3 characters is interchangable with one another. As stated above, Zay and Shabba have a friendship that has stood the tests of time. It is more the same with Vic and Shabba (and Zay, for that matter).

Sexy Science Girl

Although Shabba doesn't actually know her name, he is very attracted to Sexy Science Girl. He even dedicated a Valentine's Day card to her in A Card from Shabba.

The Escobar Chronicles

Memorable Quotes



  • He is made in the likeness of ZexalSlash.
  • Shabba is also based off of late California rapper Eazy-E.
  • His name is taken from Shabba Rank and Clay Matthews.