Shelbye Harris is one of Zay Escobar's several characters. She is Zay's girlfriend. Similarly to Vic, Shelbye's forte is her intelligence. Shelbye is based off of an old friend of Mr.Zaya's from years past.



She is the older sister of 13-year-old Ronnie and thus the oldest child in her household. She enjoys sports like Zay, and helps represent the school in high school tennis.



Shelbye is collected and somewhat sensitive. She may not be reserved like Zay, but she isn't much more excitable either. Shelbye is also patient, and forgiving to a point- she always tries to keep an open mind.


In the comics, Shelbye is rather light-skinned, tends to wear a blue blouse and gray slacks. She generally looks respectable. She also has long brown hair, and she wears red glasses.


Like stated before, Shelbye is both athletic and intelligent, which is possibly why Zay likes her to begin with. Despite her womanly appearance, she posesses a respectable amount of strength and athleticism due to being well contidioned, which helps her excel at sports.

Relationships with others

Zay Escobar

Zay and Shelbye have known each other for a long time. Like the majority of Zay's friends, his friendship with her goes back prior to the series itself. They met during the end of 5th grade and were drawn together through video games.

About a year or so later during middle school, Rose became between the two, and due to Zay's eagerness to have a girlfriend.

Although it hasn't been explained what happened between Zay and Rose yet, it is safe to say Zay and Shelbye eventually reconciled. The two began dating during their sophomore year of high school and have been together since.

Icey Ford

It is very one-sided between her and Icey. Even prior to being with Zay, Shelbye was never really attracted to Icey. While she did admit in Thanksgiving 2014 that she was flattered by the fact Icey had feelings for her, in spite of her not wanting him to know because, well, he's Icey.

Rose Vanders

Shelbye doesn't like Rose. In Rejected for Rage, she referred to Rose as a "reject Barbie Doll"



  • Her real life counterpart is white; however, Shelbye is black in the comics. Co-developer BlurayOriginals admittedly thought she was mixed.
  • Her surname was originally Nadell but it was later changed to Harris.
  • Due to her late birthday, she is one of the older characters in Zay Escobar