Shelbye Harris is one of Zay Escobar's main characters. She is Zay's girlfriend, and he refers to her as a "ride or die chick". Similarly to Vic, Shelbye's forte is her intelligence. Shelbye is based off of an old friend of Mr.Zaya's from years past.



She is the older sister of 13-year-old Ronnie and thus the oldest child in her household. She enjoys sports like Zay, and helps represent the school in high school tennis.


Like stated before, Shelbye is both athletic and intelligent, which is possibly why Zay likes her to begin with. She is very lenient as well. Despite her womanly appearance, she posesses a respectable amount of strength due to being well contidioned, which helps her excel at sports.


In the comics, Shelbye tends to wear a blue blouse and gray slacks. She generally looks respectable. In contrast to Rose, she isn't nearly as prim. She also wears glasses.

Relationships with others

Zay Escobar

Shelbye is Zay's girlfriend. Though they had known each other since the end of elementary school, and had been good friends since, the two never really began to date until later on in high school. The two both partake in school sports, but Zay, despite being more reserved, is probably the more animated athlete of the two.

Icey Ford

Icey is probably infatuated by her, however the relationship between the two is very one-sided. Provided that she and Zay already loved each other, Shelbye was already more indifferent, at least romantically, to Icey than anything else. To make matters worse, Icey groped her; despite this, she didn't retaliate but she was understandably frustrated by the fact he did that in the first place.

Ronnie Harris

As the older sibling, Shelbye looks out for Ronnie and tends to embrace him whenever she feels the need to.


  • Her real life counterpart is white; however, Shelbye is black in the comics. Co-creator BlurayOriginals admittedly thought she was mixed.
  • Her surname was originally Nadell but it was later changed to Harris.
  • Due to her late birthday, she is one of the older characters in Zay Escobar

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