Team Escobar, commonly abbreviated as TE is (or was) the collective name of creator Mr.Zaya alongside his co-illustrators of the Zay Escobar series. It consisted of 5 main members, credited as: Mr.Zaya, BlurayOriginals/Bluriginals, ZexalSlash, LegionDX and ApolloFlare. TE was founded the same year Zay Escobar was created, in 2013. Its peak was in 2014, the only year when all 5 pivotal members produced a comic, with the exception of ZexalSlash.


Mr.Zaya's relationship with the rest of Team Escobar dates back to the early 2010s. In 2011, Apollo, Mr.Zaya and Bluriginals collaborated on several works together. Two years later in November 2013, Mr.Zaya created Zay Escobar, the first comic being published on November 17, 2013. Later that same day, BlurayOriginals created Vic Shiggy, originally dubbed "Big Ass Bluray" Mr.Zaya and ZexalSlash both created Shabba Clay, a character made in the likeness of the latter. A day later on November 18, BlurayOriginals published his first comic for the series, Zay is Back!.

On February 13, 2014, LegionDX created his character, Nate Xanders, who first appeared in his first published comic, Nate the New. More than a week later, ApolloFlare took his created character, Arthur and used him to create his very first issue in Arthur's Inner Thoughts.

On May 5, 2014, Mr.Zaya created Kool-Aid Crack Head. This would be the last comic he created before he no longer was part of the CSFW community, due to constant disenfranchisement by the rest of the site. He departed during the summer of 2014.

In his absence, BlurayOriginals still created comics, but ceased to in 2015 after Mr.Zaya voiced discontent with his lack of input with ZE. With him gone, iironically for Zay, his character began to fade in terms of importance.

In October 2017, Mr.Zaya began writing comics again, ending his 3-year hiatus. He is currently in contact with BlurayOriginals in hopes of helping him continue the series.


  • TE is also referred to as Team Escogang.
  • Both Team Escobar and Bluriginals Studios are credited for the entire Zay Escobar series.