Vic Shiggy is one of the three central Zay Escobar characters. Him, Zay and Shabba are the principal members in Escogang. He is probably the brains of the three. Also like the other two, he is based off of a real world person like many other characters- in his case he is based off of one of the main writers of the series in Bluriginals. Because of this, he and Zay have intermittently shared the role as main protagonist over the course of the comics.


Vic is one of the series' earliest charaters. Despite not sharing a whole lot in common with the former two, Vic is one of both Zay and Shabba's closest friends. He isn't into sports or girls like the other two are, but he always finds himself caught up with the rest of Zay and company. He tries to avoid problems more than the other two do, but despite that he often finds himself in awry situations with them.



Like Zay, Vic is usually quiet, and likes technology but he is much nerdier. He is also very sensible, compared to much of the series' cast at least.


Vic's almost always spotted with glasses and a green jacket- he wouldn't be the same without them. He is somewhat lanky, too, but apparently he isn't completely awkward and unathletic.


He is seemingly fast, especially for someone who doesn't take interest in sports. He also is fairly intelligent.

Relationships with Others

Zay Escobar

In spite of their vast amount of differences, Vic is possibly the closest friend of Zay's. The only other who rivals the distinction would be Shabba, as they are the series' three central characters. He often finds himself caught up with the two, even if they have been screwed over particularly at his own expense.

Shabba Clay

Vic's relationship with Shabba is almost identical to Zay's. Shabba's personality clashes with Vic's more than Zay does, which makes it seem more alienating.

Nate Xanders

Nate seems to have a stronger bond with Vic, although he has not known him as long as the former two. He even invited Nate to his house and introduced him to his family soon after they first began attending the same school.



  • Vic's name is taken from Vic Mignogna and Shigeru Miyamoto.
  • His name has often times, though erroneously, been spelled "Shiggie".
  • Veronica and her three children, Vic, Victoria and Varnius, are intended as an alliteration.
  • Vic has actually died once, early in the series. In Enter the Void, his dismembered arms were a callback to a 2013 episode.
  • As Zay is based off of Mr.Zaya, Vic is based off of Blur\iginals.