Zay Escobar is the main protagonist of the comic series, Zay Escobar. He is currently a 15-year-old football enthusiast who lives In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is currently a student at Darien Street High School, where he plays quarterback on the school's football team.

Zay, as well as several other characters in the series, are based off of real life people; in fact, this is more or less a vestige of earlier times in the series, as many characters were created with their real-life counterparts in mind.



Zay is a Philadelphia native, hailing from the South Philadelphia neighborhood; he's lived there his entire life. As a child he always liked sports, chiefly football. He had been playing since first grade, and currently plays for his aforementioned football team, the Darien Condors. Born to Barry and Jennifer Escobar, his only sibling is his older brother, Jeoff Escobar.

Zay is perhaps best known for liking adventure, playing video games and most importantly, sports. Although he likes several sports, he only plays organized football. He is also fascinated by technology.


Although Zay isn't short tempered anymore as he was in the original series, he is known to be very belligerent when he feels provoked, especially by those who dislike him and vice versa. He is more nonchalant and hard nosed now, as he became more mellowed over time. He is very headstrong and can be stubborn to a fault, but still tries to keep a positive and open mind at all times. He also tends to be thoughtful and takes chances when he must.


Escobar has a flattop and wears a very modest outfit, with a gray t-shirt and dark gray pants. His appearance is very simple.

Relationships with others

Shabba Clay

Shabba and Zay very close friends, and are often partaking in activities with each other. Both play for their school in basketball and football, respectively. Once upon a time, the two were football teammates in 1st grade, but Shabba's tenure with football ended abruptly when a player named Kevin broke his glasses.

Vic Shiggy

Zay sees Vic as equals with Shabba in terms of best friends, as all three of them are the principal members of Escogang. With that said, Vic, Zay and Shabba all feel the same about one another.

Shelbye Harris

Shelbye is Zay's girlfriend, the two met just prior to middle school and became friends very quickly. Towards high school they began going out with each other more. Both are school athletes, as Shelbye plays tennis and Zay plays football. The two are supportive of each other in that respect. Zay is very affectionate towards Shelbye, as he finds her both bright and attractive.

Jeoff Escobar

The two are brothers, Jeoff being the older of the two. Jeoff is the starting tight end for the football team and tends to get targets from Zay during games. The two generally get along, even if they annoy each other from time to time.


  • Zay is based off of comic creator Mr.Zaya.
  • His actual first name is Zion, but he has never been called Zion in the comics.
  • His name comes from his creators nickname whereas his surname is an allusion to rapper Nas, whose former alias was Kid Escobar as well as The Boondocks' Riley Freeman, who called himself Riley Escobar.
  • He is of Haitian descent.

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