Zay Escobar (ZE) is a webcomic series created by Mr.Zaya, BlurayOriginals and ZexalSlash.


Zay Escobar was created in November 2013 and comics have been produced since said date. It revolves around the exploits of High School student Zay Escobar and his two best friends, Shabba Clay and Vic Shiggy.

The series often includes bizzare and juvenile themes; however, it mainly reflects on the life of Mr.Zaya. The series is influenced by both South Park and Cyanide & Happiness, which both revolve around satire.


Early Stages (2013-2015)

Zay Escobar began in November 2013 as an image of a boy holding a video game in hand as a joke to fellow CSFW user SS3K. At the time, the boy had no name. However, later that same day, he was given a Persona and his own comic, and thus Zay Escobar became a series. The comics featured intentionally bad visuals. In spite of this, the comic was eventually taken more seriously, and the art style evolved over time.

The original series spanned over 100 comics; however, after the series taking a turn much to the creator, Mr.Zaya's dismay, he decided to reboot it in 2015. The original cast of writers were credited as Mr.Zaya, ZexalSlash, BlurayOriginals, ApolloFlare (then known as Apallo The Hedgehog) and LegionDX.

The comic series was successful in its own right despite its lack of exposure, spanning 108 comics in 2 years between November 17, 2013 to July 19, 2015.

Contemporary & Post-Reboot Era (2015-Present)

In June 2015, Mr.Zaya decided to reboot the series after becoming disgruntled with how the series was executed after he concluded to draw Zay Escobar comics anymore. The new series of Zay Escobar will only bore little resemblance to its precursor, intending to deviate much from the original series.


Main Characters

Zay Escobar- Zion "Zay" Escobar is the main protagonist and is the namesake character of the series. His two best friends are Shabba Clay and Vic Shiggy. A strong-willed teenager, Zay is capable of getting the best of a situation often.

Shabba Clay-The cool guy with the cool guy shades. Shabba is a lifetime friend of Zay and Vic. Like Zay he is very nonchalant, but still tends to be sensible.

Vic Shiggy- Vic is the third in the three. He is unwilling to get involved in antics with Zay and Shabba at times but he still makes things work.

Crispy McChicken- Crispy McChicken, or Jaire, is another member in the Escogang. Although he is portrayed as very immature, he has had his moments.

Shelbye Harris- Shelbye is Zay's girlfriend. She is caring and warmhearted, and dreams of being a professional tennis player. Shelbye is also very intelligent.

Jeoff Escobar- Elder brother of Zay, more or less a role model to him. Jeoff is a senior at Darien High and is the starting tight end on the school's varsity football team.

Major Characters

Johnny "Nopac" Tora - One of the Escogang's best friends.

Mikaela Renee - Mikaela is Johnny's girlfriend. 

Yoyo Killa- Other than Vic and Shabba, Yoyo is perhaps Zay's closest friend, as Zay sees him like a slightly younger brother. In fact, Zay is very confident of Yoyo's strength. He is an avid collector of various weapons, particularly swords and guns. At times, Zay joins him and Icey on misadventures. 

Icey- Surname unknown. In terms of character, Icey is a greater Jonathan. He has gotten into self inflicted trouble, and he also apparently suffers from incontinence. He and Johnny are two of the wide receivers on the Darien Condors football team. He has, or at least had, a crush on Shelbye. 

Minor Characters

Jonathan Sanchez- Perhaps the butt monkey of the series, Jonathan never gets the better end of a situation but still miraculously takes hardships in stride in the same vein that Icey does.

Clay Matthews- The linebacker of the Green Bay Packers. He is often depicted as a burly and very powerful man. One of the first famous people portrayed in Zay Escobar.

James Kehler- The seventh grade English teacher at Parkgraw Middle School. He was likeable, but he was often made fun of because of his Kool-Aid obsession.

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  • Zay Escobar's name is in reference to Mr.Zaya as well as rapper Nas. [1] Shabba's first name comes from Shabba Rank and Clay Matthews, respectively. Johnny's nickname, "Nopac" comes from the notorious rapper, 2Pac/Tupac Shakur. [2] Vic's origin is currently undisclosed.
  • Zay is the only left-handed character thus far in Zay Escobar.
  • The series originally spanned in 2013, and has had over 100 comics. However, since the reboot it has not had a canon comic.

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