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The wiki for all things Zay Escobar, a comic created by Mr.Zaya. Here, you can read up on the comics, characters and then some! Anthologies and information on the characters, updates or what have you come in abundance here on the ZE Wiki.

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Icey Ford

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Iniko Koran "Icey" Ford III is a minor character in the Zay Escobar series. In spite of being the series' primary target of abuse, he still tends to reach accomplishments from time to time, such as becoming one of the starting wide receivers on the Darien Condors football team. Icey, like Zay, is also based off of Mr.Zaya; however, the development and actual characters themselves differentiate as Zay is more based off of Mr.Zaya than Icey is. Apparently, on the note of development, Icey is perhaps one of the most developed characters in the entire series.

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